Pay it kind

The kindest people are the ones who do things without expecting anything in return. The ones that help and go out of their way for others, not because they think they should, but because it’s just embedded into who they are. They don’t even think they are doing anything special. Here at Kind Bean, we want to recognize and celebrate those who embrace kindness as a part of their daily life.

Nominate someone who makes a living out of going the extra mile so we can give them the recognition they aren’t even expecting. It could be the person who lets others go first in line, or the one who occasionally buys dinner for a stranger. It could be the friend who brings you a cup of your favorite flavor of caffeine on a rough day, or who organizes a fundraiser when your medical bills reach 5 digits. It could be the coworker who always smiles and asks about your day, or the first one to show up when your life hits rock bottom. If these examples brought a name to kind, nominate that person now. Heck, nominate all of them. Because Kindness Matters.